Gnosjös Industrial Museums

Industry museums Töllstorp, Hylténs and Gåröström are living museums, where the display of authentic industrial environments and operating machinery are always included in the visit.

You can also visit these historic environments on your own. Together, the facilities give a complete and nuanced picture of the industrialization in the district. They also give the historical background of the famous small business spirit in the region - often known as' Gnosjöandan ".

Töllstorp Industrimuseum

Töllstorp Industrial museum shows drawing of wire, metal cloth weaving and manufacturing including “chicken glasses”, mousetraps, bobby pins and safety pins. In the museum area they also ground flour in the mill. The area is situated in a beautiful river valley with rippling water and spinning water wheels. At the farmhouse, where the tour starts and ends, there are pic nick tables, as well as modern handicap accessible facilities.

Hylténs Industrimuseum

Closed down in 1974 Hylténs metal products factory, and since then, time has stood still in the old workshop where most of the machines is over one hundred years old. See besides the old workshop also the office, warehouse and even the old generator, which has been in operation since 1898! Hylténs manufactured molds and they still cast the beautiful Hylténs-clocks, sold in the museum shop.